Our vision is to empower and equip leaders through training, modeling, and networking. We strive to produce quality leaders with personal integrity and strong character in order to become agents of change in our society.


MWI exists to encourage and foster individuals and organizations to build strong networks that aid others in their endeavors. Our goal is to help identify your God-given purpose as well as share practical steps in getting on the right track toward personal success.

We believe one life can influence hundreds with discipline and a clear vision. This is the heart of leadership. One person forging a legacy, so that their influence incites the same passion in those they seek to lead.

After all, people are our most valuable asset; and you have the power to impact those lives.


Dr. Martin Williams is a catalytic leader.  A purposeful and global speaker; his audience represent a tapestry of foreign nations to millennials and a wide range of leaders on all scales.  He is sought after and frequently travels nationally and internationally sharing life-changing leadership principles and concepts.  Dr. Williams is dedicated to the task of meeting with principal leaders in key sectors to bring transformation.

His academic attainment includes a Masters in Leisure Sports Management and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.  Dr. Williams’ teachings help people to find clarity in their personal assignment, develop mastery in their field, step into “convergence”, and function within their God-given purpose.

Dr. Williams serves as CEO and Lead Pastor of Ambassadors Worship Center, a thriving multi-cultural interdenominational assembly of leaders in Omaha, Nebraska.  He is also the founder of Martin Williams International, a 501C-3 organization, dedicated to the development and coaching of individuals in connecting with their own personal leadership journey.

He and his wife, Lynnell have been married for 32 years and share the pleasure of parenting their two loving children; Joshua and Callie.  To get a taste of Dr. Williams’ charmisatic and straightforward teaching check out his YouTube channel.

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