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Throughout the year, Dr. Williams travels around the country and the world, sharing the good news of the Gospel and making an impact in the lives of millions. His itinerary includes ministering as a guest speaker at conventions, conferences, workshops and seminars in the United States and abroad.

With his dynamic teaching style and practical approach to evangelizing, Dr. Williams has successfully ministered to millions over the years on topics that range from Christian family and biblical prosperity to building faith, leadership and character development.

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From the very beginning God's intent from the Garden of Eden was to have men and women be joined together from the Kingdom perspective of love, trust, forgiveness and dominion. God desires that we have life-giving relationships.

In These Teachings

  • Manage family dynamics in a God-kind of manner
  • Handle conflict resolution, increase affection and uncover family rhythm
  • Become better individuals full of purpose inside a family unit
  • Teach your children to live under the family vision

We lost what God wanted us to have, which is heaven on earth."

Dr. Martin Williams


God has established an everlasting covenant with you that He has provided to bless you. The problem for most believers is that we don't know how to receive from God; especially finances.

In These Teachings

  • Break the spirit of ownership
  • Free your church and family from debt
  • Break the cycle of poverty
  • Establish generational wealth

When you intentionally do not seek knowledge you are inviting satan into your life."

Dr. Martin Williams


Leadership is not necessarily an easy thing to accomplish, however; it is necessary to ensure continuity and legacy. Sculpting a clear vision and executing it are the most important tasks to becoming an effective leader.

In These Teachings

  • Develop the skills, talents, and gifts to serve your generation
  • Build healthy teams and working relationships among diverse groups
  • Advance your influence and level of personal success
  • Develop a strategic plan to execute your vision

A crisis is an indication that we need a LEADER."

Dr. Martin Williams


God intends for every follower of Jesus to be a part of a gathering under the servant leadership of pastors, who shepherd for His glory. Creating great Kingdom Churches are a huge undertaking and crucial to society. Every church has been given a mandate to go into all the world and be ambassadors with the right message and tools to expand God's influence around the world.

In These Teachings

  • Build a Kingdom Church community
  • Establish a financially sustainable ministry
  • Mobilize and deploy Kingdom leaders
  • Transition your church to the Kingdom

The CHURCH is God's strategy for reaching the world."

Dr. Martin Williams
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"I believe one life can influence hundreds with discipline and a clear vision. This is the heart of leadership."

Dr. Martin Williams

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